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Bestayur Products  are the complete revival of the tradition of Ayurveda which comes to us from the ancient vedic civilization of India. The goals of Bestayur are to preserve health, there by creating an enlightened individual and a disease free society. It would be appropriate to say that Bestayur Products is a research based organisation and many of its products have undergone Research/clinical trials in India as well as abroad. Bestayur is one of the most extensively researched Ayurvedic preparation with extremely encouraging results.

The company is presently engaged in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic formulations, food supplements and ayuvedic medicines in the form of tablets, syrups, oils and pastes It is also manufacturing a range of products for personal care, cosmetics, teas, coffee substitutes, food and beverages, in accordance to the guidelines of Ayurveda.

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Curated Products
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We manufacture ayurvedic medicines in the form of tablet syrup oil and paste. we also have products for personal care, cosmetics, tea, coffee substitutes, food and beverages.
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  • Bestayur Tulsi Drop
  • Bestayur Hair Oil
  • Bestayur Shree Ashoka
  • Bestayur Shampoo
  • Bestayur Memowise
  • Bestayur Toothpaste
  • Bestayur Handwash
  • Bestayur Herbal Tea